The Tibetan Gelug

The Tibetan Gelug

SKU: 035

Painting: on Canvas.
Size: 30 W x 40 H x 1 in

While traveling in Tibet, I came across a courtyard in a monastery, Drepung Monastery. There were probably a couple of hundred monks of various ages debating in pairs. They were of the Gelug order or the order of the Yellow Hat. And they all had yellow hats and orange robes. Of course I couldn't understand the words of the debates, but there seemed to be humor and affection. And then you knew about the bloodshed in the distant and not so distant past. And there were the heavens indicated in murals with swirls of clouds. That's all in this painting, the affectionate Yellow Hats here and now, the blood shed of the past and the always present heavens.


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